Essence of Bulgarians

20.5. Following the Tracks of “Tangra” Sign. Touch to the Essence of Bulgarians.
(По следите на знак „Тангра“. Докосване до същността на българите, София:

Зимек-99, 2009, 96 с.)

20.5.2. Summary
The book presents some results of a more than 25 years long research on problems related to the “Essence of Man” and the “Essence of Bulgarians”.  The narrative includes a common part of the used all over signs of Bulgarians. These signs as objective criteria of truth, allow us to touch upon the essence of Bulgarians, envisioned as a hierarchically organized, multidimensional, hologram system.

Illustrations of signs, used by Bulgarians, visualize traces of Bulgarian presence in the last 39 000 years. Their reiterated application in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods indicates the existence of an aggregated Bulgarian culture, at least on the territory of Eurasia. The presence of trinity signs in the topology (configuration) of the atom, in the substance of water, etc, allows us to think that some varieties of the “Tangra” signs are used as a model of the Creation.

Signs used by Bulgarians are conducive to defining more accurately the issue of signs claimed to be Bulgarian, as well as what are their particularities in comparison to all the rest, what is their origin, what is their essence, etc.

book presents an analysis of the information content of the sign.

Examined are two sides of Cosmos Systems – their spatial and spiritual hierarchical organization. 

This research is carried out from the viewpoint of a future Weltanschauung System.

of signs, used by Bulgarians are systematized in seven groups: those found on the territory of Bulgaria; on the territory of Russia; and on various places throughout the Planet Earth; signs symbolizing One and Two; some varieties of the “Tangra” sign, used as a Model of the Creation of the planet Earth; photographs of trinity signs in crop circles images; trinity signs in the topology of the atom, as a Model of the Creation.

are replies to some possible objections.

Expressed is an opinion about the meaning of existence.

current nowadays events a bridge is thrown to the near future.

book is addressed to Bulgarians, to spiritually oriented human beings. At the same time, it demonstrates that the nowadays predominant brute materiality, negativism and aggression are transient – they have no cosmic (evolutionary) perspective and on a certain stage probably will be eliminated from human beings’ life, to clean the way for spirituality.