Essence of Bulgarians

20.0. Publications-Content
20.4. Following the Tracks of “Tangra” Sign. Bulgarian Origine of the Russian 
and the Turkish
System of State/Government. (По следите на знак „Тангра“.
Българският произход на руската и на турската
държавност, София: Зимек-99,
2005, 128 с.)

20.4.2. Summary
The research is carried out from the viewpoint of the Weltanschauung System of the Future. A reasoned judgment is put forward that being varieties of the Sign of “Tangra” the ancient Bulgarian Signs are inherently Bulgarian and correspond to Bulgarian essence. They form Bulgarian essence through “Bulgarian gene” and constitute the energy of Bulgarian people. They are manifested in Bulgarian embroideries, entwined in Bulgarian knitted articles, interwoven in Bulgarian carpets, etc. Their trinity streams from Bulgarian folk songs and dances through the uneven time, etc.

The comparison between the two groups of signs - on one hand, the prince signs of the Grand Kiev Dukes of the Rurik dynasty, founder of Kiev Russ, and on the other, our Bulgarian Signs - establishes a coincidence which testifies to the Bulgarian origin of Rurik and the Rurik dynasty. A similar analogy can be traced in Turkish context as well.

Modern Turkish people still preserve the term “Gök Türk” and its older version “Kök Türk”, which refers to their ancestors and means “divine or heavenly Turks”. Hence follows the assertion that the “royal ‘blue’ blood” inherited from the ancestors “runs in the veins of all Turkish people”. The forefather of all Turkish (Turkic) people is Oguz and the main dynasty (ruler) signs of his heirs, the Oguz people, are the same as our Bulgarian Signs which is a proof of their Bulgarian origin. As incredible as it may sound, the material media of the Sign, its image, is transmitted unchanged through the millennia and stands as an objective criterion of veracity.

Some parallels between Bulgarian and Russian and between Turkish and Bulgarian national essence in the triangle “Russians - Turkish - Bulgarians” have been made. With their help we can get an idea of the existence of an essential commonness and of specific peculiarities.

This research is connected with the monograph “Tangra”
- Sign of Bulgarians and aims at proving that the present situation in Bulgaria should be viewed upon as a continuation of the past, and it is widely accepted that the present forms the future.

Shall we succeed in understanding and choosing the emerging possibility of a transition to a new type of spirituality in the perspective of Evolution?

The Afterword offers a practical opportunity of using the Power of a Sign of “Tangra”.